Bloom Digital Media
Based in Peterborough and Toronto, Canada

Founding date:
October 2012


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Lose yourself in great games. Find yourself in stories that matter.


Bloom Digital Media

Bloom Digital Media is an idealistic studio that makes games for a hopeful and loving future. We explore transformative change by creating playful experiences focused on compassion, curiosity and conversation. We write stories that show the power of meaningful relationships to shape more inclusive communities. Our games cover the lives and experiences left by the wayside in traditional game narratives. With a strategic focus on creating games for under-served players, we have nurtured a passionate fan base.

Coming Soon... LongStory 2

Award-winning dating sim LongStory gets a sequel! The Weasel Heights gang continues to surprise and delight as you learn more about yourself, friendship and love. Play as the gender of your choice and date the friend you like best. Throw a big mystery in the mix and you’re in for an adventure!


LongStory Game is Bloom Digital Media’s flagship title and an award-winning dating sim. It was first launched on mobile in 2014 and has since been ported to Steam and the Nintendo Switch as a premium title. Since launch, it’s been downloaded over 1.5 million times. It won the 12th International Mobile Gaming Awards 2016 Jury’s Honorable Mention.

Later Daters

Aging is just life’s marinade, and it’s never too late to find love. Play as the newest resident of Ye OLDE retirement community, meet a cast of sexy seniors who are flirty and thriving. Later Daters makes the bold claim that adventure, passion, and transformation are not experiences reserved for the young. The game challenges ageism and suggests growing old is the purest human experience - one that can teach us poignant lessons about our capacity for love.



LongStory Nintendo Switch Trailer YouTube

Later Daters Teaser Trailer YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Jury's Honorable Mention, 12th International Mobile Gaming Awards" - San Francisco, March 15, 2016

Selected Articles

  • "As I played, my hands were shaking. This was real. This was my story. I never expected to have this kind of visceral experience playing an app game, but it felt strangely cathartic all the same."
    - Jillian and Paige, FemHype
  • "Games that try to capture an inclusive teenage experience are rare, and LongStory is dedicated to being a warm and positive place to explore issues of queerness, identity, and bullying specifically for teenagers."
    - Melissa Brinks, Forbes
  • "There is a fair amount of bittersweetness to the game; after all, there’s a lot of personal history: love won and lost, and experiences wrapped around a person’s lifetime. You’ll learn each character’s own stories along with your own as you play as the protagonist who just moved to a retirement community on your doctor’s orders. But there’s also a warmth and humor that comes through as Later Daters illustrates that even the golden years can be some of the best of your life. Love is not just for the young, after all. And how can you resist a game that describes itself as full of “sexy seniors”?"
    - Kelly Knox, The Nerdist
  • "But what's seriously special about Later Daters isn't just a really good theme tune. It's the fact that it manages to deal with such a breadth of topics in under an hour. It's refreshing to see just how inclusive it is... So much happens in your first three days at Ye OLDE that it's more than easy to get swept up in the story."
    - Sam Loveridge, GamesRadar+

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Miriam Verburg
Executive Producer

Danielle Russell
Project Manager

Heather Jackson
Narrative Director

Shel Kahn
Art Director

JP Stringham
Technical Director

Jesse Toyota
Developer and Designer

MJ Lyons

Yi Pan

Level Curve
Sound Design

Vlad Volodin

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